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Gilboy Automotive Group
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Dealership Phone Number:
(888) 872-3211

Easton Ford Dealership

Welcome to Gilboy Automotive Group! Even if you might be looking for a car dealership in Easton, we are merely a short drive away in Whitehall. Have a look at the customized Google map to the right to see specifically how near to Easton we actually are. Click on the map to the right and it'll take you to our hours and directions page where you can see our open times or directly punch in your address. It's easy as pie. Whether you are considering a new car or a used car, we want to be your preferred Easton Ford dealer.

Why Try Our Dealership?

When you are looking for the perfect car, you should shop around - especially if it's online! Of all the Easton car dealers, we think we’re the top spot. Let's face it, the significance of finding a reputable car lot a short distance away is much more significant than the amount of money lost getting trapped in a car or finance deal you are not satisfied with. Everybody knows gasoline prices are high, but finding a good dealer is always worth it - you'll be glad that you spent the time to look around. Trust the great people at Gilboy Automotive Group to offer awesome customer service at a fair price. With the kinds of deals we provide, we may as well be your local Easton Ford dealer!

We are really in the business of earning life-long customers. We understand there might be closer dealerships in Easton, though we sincerely hope to earn your business so the next time you need a Easton Ford dealership, we are your first pick! We may sell cars, yes, but we really are in business to make folks happy. Regardless of what your need - whether it's a new or used automobile, top dollar for a trade-in, speedy service like an engine oil change, or an excellent financing deal - we want to make it work for you. Repeat customers are important to the success of our business, and we plan to do everything within our power to make you a repeat customer as well. Nobody knows who said it, but talk is cheap. Give us a call at (888) 872-3211 or drive on over and allow us to show you actions that speak louder than words.

Ford F-150 near Easton

Ford F-150

The F-150 is definitely a fantastic vehicle, and one of the top sellers. High performance meets dependability, customers are always happy with their purchase. We have loads of Ford F-150 vehicles for show on our Whitehall location. Click on the F-150 image to the right to check out what we have available currently. Make 2013 an incredible one with a new vehicle. Should you like the F-150 vehicles enough, stop messin' around come test drive it today! Give us a call at (888) 872-3211 and we would be happy to assist you.

 2013 Ford Focus near Easton

Ford Focus

When considering durability, the Ford Focus leads the pack. This is a nice car to check out in 2013. With the help of all of the excellent financing deals coming from the manufacturers, the Focus could be your own for cheaper than you would think. You never know if you don't come down to Gilboy Automotive Group and inquire. Our experts will explain just about all there is to know for the Focus or any other Ford models. We'll help get you in a Focus today!

Ford Mustang for sale near Easton

Ford Mustang

Ford is renowned for their incredible performance, dependability, and complete value. Even though it's hard to go wrong with any one of the 2013 Fords, the Ford Mustang is truly a unique vehicle which we are sure you will love. Call us anytime at (888) 872-3211 to arrange your test drive or come check out our showroom in person.